It is your time to become THAT Woman, manifesting all the things.
The Self Love Boss

Code in the Confident AF Woman Daily.

If you are dreaming for the love, and life on your vision board, but battling with insecurities, feeling inadequate, and believing that you aren't worthy of, or deserve what you desire in your life, then adding this subconscious re-coding affirmations tool to your daily plan will rapidly transform your self confidence. Your self concept is the mirror to the life you will manifest. Become the Woman who everything works out for. 

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Do You Want This?

Quantum Leap to become her NOW.

Being a confident Woman changes any, and every area of you life. As you soak your subconscious mind with the belief that you are worthy, capable, and deserving of the desires on your heart. They are there FOR you. All you need is the belief in yourself, and now your entire mind, body, and soul is melting with dominant thought patterns, dialogue, and expectations in alignment with the Woman who is Confident AF and gets what she wants. There is no need to doubt anymore, you know the Universe has your back, and with your levelled up self concept, your life now leaps into the reality you always wished to experience. Confident expectation is your natural state of mind, and now the floodgates open, and the love, blessings, and abundance pour in. Up and up only. In every area.

The Woman who MAGNETISES it all.

You have coded your mind to work exactly as you want her to, which is her job. There was never any reason to doubt yourself, your worth, or the power you have to manifest all you desire. You are now a magnet, you have hit the tipping point internally, believing in your confident AF affirmations, like they are your natural dialogue. You expect good things unfolding. So you now show up in life with a magnetic energy about you, a happiness that lights up rooms, and an identity that others know as just being the Woman who it all works out for. This is you now, a completely re-invented Woman, and it was so easy. You stuck to your plan, followed the formula, and let the tools work for you. It all added up every day, and now you cannot imagine life any other way. 




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Code in who you want to be using subconscious reprogramming tools, and sticking to your PLAN.

This daily affirmations recording will code in belief systems, and dominant thoughts to match you to the life you desire, as a Woman confident in herself, her worth, and what she gets to manifest. Listening to the recording as many times as you desire in the day whilst busy doing other things, will enable to works to soak into your subconscious and level up your self concept.

THE confident AF affirmation coding.

'THAT WOMAN (Is confident AF) Affirmations' 

Formulating a plan of tools to wire in the Woman you want to be, by updating your belief systems, expectation, and focus, is EXACTLY how we manifest. Become the change within, and watch as you glow up your reality externally in as little as 60 to 90 days.

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THAT Woman Affirmations recording

  • 20 minutes affirmations recording, repeat for as long as you desire.
  • Listen to every day as much as you desire whilst busy walking, working, cooking, etc.
  • The more you code in, the more miraculous your results.
  • The perfect self concept toolkit with 'THAT WOMAN' Hypnosis, to use alongside the Ultimate Self Love Guidebook.