The Body Image Glow Up

Combining the powerful duo of Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy and daily self concept steps to embody the new MAGNETIC you & manifest your DREAM body.

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Is This You?

The Body Battle

Every time you look in the mirror you focus on everything you don't like. It's become all consuming. You feel uncomfortable in your own skin. It's stolen your spark. This battle has held you back from so much already, as you constantly measure yourself up against others, and in your mind you never win. You are mentally drained, and are ready to begin a new life loving every inch of who you are.

The Food Fight

You are either using food as punishment and restricting yourself, or you see food as a way to feel pleasure. You feel out of control around it, cannot just have a little bit, ending often in over and binge eating. It's a constant fight and one your mind is tired of. You have weight you are battling to lose, skin issues, gut issues, and nothing seems to help. You just want to be relaxed and peaceful around it.

The Loss of Love

You continue to re-enforce daily with a constant, critical dialogue, what you don't like about yourself. Magnifying the parts of your body, and self that you want to change. You are struggling to find peace inside, to feel good enough. Your body, and life experience are a physical representation of how you feel inside.




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Sammi healed herself from a decade of body image battling, disordered eating, & painfully low levels of self worth. Now as a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Certified Coach she helps Women globally to fall madly in love with themselves.


Do You Want This?

The Worthy Woman

Radiating with overwhelming self love, becoming an energetic match for whatever you desire. Coding in bullet proof belief systems that you are a goddess, you are divine, you are perfectly you. Manifesting your body to do exactly what you want her to do.

The Food Freedom

Feeling incredible peace around food. Embodying the Woman who treats herself, and body as she desires, right now. Knowing with confidence, all food is the same, and it's always there, for the rest of your life. Communicating to your body your new beliefs and commands around food.

The Body Image Glow Up

When you change the way you look at your body, your body begins to change. You will be swimming in an Ocean of such self love, and confidence in your skin, that you won't even need your body to change. This is the manifesting sweet spot. Living as though your wishes are fulfilled. Entering your Goddess Era.



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The Body Image Glow Up

My personal story alone is evident to show the wild transformation I have permanently created in my body & life. I have completely healed, and manifested my body as I want her to be. I have overwhelming confidence in myself, and the love that I feel inside is life changing. I am a magnet to abundance, manifesting a life I am in love with. I am so excited to take you through my step by step process. Stick to the formula and reap magical results.

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Testimonial - Emma Cook

"I had a long term issue with my body image and relationship with food. I was constantly on some sort of diet/food plan. Punishing my body with all or nothing with both food & exercise. Now, I love my body, I want to nourish and care for her. If previous habits creep in I recognise them quickly. I can't believe the difference in how I feel about myself, I feel so much happier in my own skin. I'm living my life freely with no restriction, and I've recovered my passion for moving my body. I really want to be the best version of myself for my daughter. I love you, you're a magical lady, thank you so much"

What Do You Get?

Self Paced Modules

These modules are dripping in the best, most impactive, and Transformational work I have. I combine the best of my subconscious rapid hypnotherapy work, with my daily self concept conscious work. You will gain understanding, healing, freedom, and embody a Woman glowing with self love and confidence. Upgrade the outdated, and unnecessary belief systems you no longer need, so that you can fall madly in love with you.

Self Worth Transformational  Therapy

An RTT session using the best of hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP, & psychotherapy. A modern, hybrid mix of the most powerfully & permanently healing work. Uncovering 'what lies beneath' the surface problem, attaching new meanings to the events, and writing an entirely new story for you to live in your mind and body.

Body Image & Self Love Hypnosis

A powerful recording to immediately access your subconscious & soak it with your new belief systems. Kissed with a life changing vision, swimming in self loving, confident, and NOURISHING belief systems, and melting with words to make you feel like a goddess. Listen to this for at least 30 days in a row after the Therapy session and witness neuroplasticity change your relationship to your body, with food, and the romance with you.

Self Concept Workbook

This workbook contains specific steps to follow so that you can embody the Woman you want to be, feeling the way you desire to feel in your body, before you experience the physical manifestation. Combine this with your nightly hypnosis.

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