Love Yourself, Heal Your Heart, & Manifest Your Dreams.
The Self Love Boss
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Is This You?

Self Sabotage Season

You are struggling in life to accept yourself, where you are, and what you have. This feeling of overall lack, and unfulfillment inside is causing you to focus on your external life for happiness, validation, and love. You have given your power away, and you often don't even realise this. Your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions are stuck on default mode self sabotage. You know you have got this the wrong way around, and will do anything to cultivate the love within yourself, heal your heart, and become a magnet to what you deserve.

Living In Lack

Your current self conception is over consumed with beliefs of in-adequacy, not being enough, never being chosen, and that life doesn't get to work out for you. There are wonderful dreams you have for yourself, but you can't imagine ever receiving, or achieving them. You don't feel worthy, or deserving to actually experience the life, or the love you have in your visions. Comparing yourself, and your life to those around you, can catapult you into even more dissatisfaction, looking for evidence to prove your poor beliefs right. Manifesting into your life as self destruction.

Destructing Your Dreams

Your low self worth beliefs that you don't get to have, be, or do who, and what you want, is re-creating sabotaging, and unloving thoughts, feelings, and actions towards yourself. Life can often feel out of control, and your emotions naturally dive into catastrophe. Your emotional regulation gets triggered over, and over. You dream of a profound level of joy, happiness, love, success, and peace within, but right now your inner world, your poor self concept is blocking your way. The cycle of self loathing, blaming, and shaming, is stopping you from taking the steps forward towards the love of your life, health you wish for, or career of your dreams, because you don't believe you are worthy of it.

Do You Want This?

Your Dream Woman

Radiating with overwhelming, and unconditional self love, your glow up self concept is 10/10. You know who you are, you know what you deserve. The strongest force to become the Woman of your Dreams, and manifest the life on your vision board, was you all along. Loving yourself is your most powerful strategy. It has become your full time job, it is your daily starbucks, and you are obsessed with how you feel about yourself. You have removed the noise, the nonsense, and the lies within, for empowering belief systems that you are phenomenal exactly as you are, you can do whatever you desire, and you are the luckiest Woman alive. Seeing yourself, and life through the lens of love, knowing everything is working out and unfolding, for you. Becoming everything you have ever wanted to be.

Healed in Heart & Mind

You have uncovered all that was holding you back, the baggage that was stopping you from stepping into your power. The nonsense that never belonged to you. You know your mind was just trying to keep you safe, but you don't need to be that girl anymore. Your heart is so healed, and your mind is so empowered. You have finally, and permanently erased your past, and attached new stories, and meanings, that support you to fall madly in love with YOU. You have invented yourself exactly as you want, and chosen the reality you desire. To live the life of your dreams, you needed to clear out the old. You feel so free, so relieved, and so excited for whats to come. You have forgiven all you needed to forgive, and you have truly put an end to the limiting concept you used to have of yourself. Now the fun begins.

Soul Mate Love

You now have a blueprint to follow that will support you with the self concept, the visions, the steps, and the action you need to take to be who you want to be. You are your soul mate love. Using specific tools to transform your inner world, you will embody unequivocal love, and worth for yourself, through anything. This self love is the force beneath your true happiness, and as a bi-product, your dreams coming true. You are a magnet to everything you believe about you, and what you get to have. You know who you are, you know where you are going, and you know you are worthy of it. You show up, you commit to yourself, and you will never let yourself down. You like yourself, no matter what. Your entire inner world is wired and fired with phenomenal love, confidence, and certainty. You are on fire.




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What's Included?

Seven Step Coaching

The first part of the guidebook contains seven steps each abundant in coaching work sheets to support your healing, and transformation journey to becoming the ultimate self loving version of yourself. These steps are in the necessary order to work through your past, let go of what is no longer needed, and create your beautiful, true self, re-invention.

Personalised Blueprint Plan

Before your 30 days of journalling begin, you will be supported to create your personalised plan. This is the blueprint for the unique, most loving, empowered version of you, and the most exciting vision for your dream life. This is the plan you will follow every day in your journalling section. True embodiment happens once you have healed your heart, awakened love inside, formed the most wonderful beliefs for yourself, and then follow a plan to ensure this is who you become.

30 Days Embodiment Journalling.

After forming your dreamiest plan, the 30 days of journalling sheets will then be your accountability to embodying becoming the Woman of your dreams. After 30 days this plan will be your new natural habit, and I strongly advise you continue after. Make the ultimate self loving version of yourself, and a life you love, a life long commitment. Who you be, you attract, your heart is the magnet to what you manifest in your life. To receive all you are worthy of, you must show up.

Extra Loving Support

I have added little insights from my personal journey, and extra suggestions of particular tools I use. These are weaved into the coaching guidebook. My hope is that you can create the most personalised plan for yourself, but often using someone else's suggestions can give you the initial help, and inspiration to find the ones that really suit you.

The Ultimate Self Love Guidebook & Journal

This is my personal and professional bible. You truly have everything you need to heal and transform your inner world, and outer life within these 7 coaching steps. Use this book as a tool to be your own therapist. You've got everything inside of you to feel phenomenal levels of love, profound inner happiness, overwhelming joy for life, and manifest whats meant for you. Heal your heart, and mind, to create the outstanding self belief, and internal freedom required for your dreams to match up to you, and come true. Enter mode self love, it's time to let it pour in.

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  • 7 step coaching guidebook and worksheets.
  • Personalised self love embodiment plan.
  • 30 days of journalling accountability.
  • Extra personal resources for support.